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Jackie Chan's First Strike

YouTube Movies | 23:47 | 0

Jackie Chan ("Rush Hour" trilogy) stars as a Hong Kong cop on a "simple" mission that plunges him into the wildest adventure of his life as he...

Jackie Chan: The Protector

YouTube Movies | 35:18 | 0

Written and directed by James Glickenhaus (The Exterminator), The Protector stars Jackie Chan and Danny Aiello (Do the Right Thing) as a pair of...

New Police Story

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Wing (Jackie Chan) is the Hong Kong police's resident super cop. He's the best of the best, cracking every case he handles in record time. Fung...

Chaki Chan - Ep (Full Ep)

FissoNoise666 | 03:24 | 4,188

Banda: Chaki Chan Género: Powerviolence Álbum: Ep Año: 2016 Localidad: Buenos Aires, Argentina 01- Flashe Que el Cajero Del Super Merka-do Chino...


YouTube Movies | 06:28 | 0

Jackie Chan plays a cat burglar with a knack for getting out of tight spots. When he gets lured into kidnapping a baby, he’ll need to move fast to...

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